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Tips for Choosing the Right VoIP Phone Provider

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Chans Weber
August 25, 2021

Chans Weber
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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is increasingly the favored phone system for businesses of all sizes. For web-based businesses, it is imperative to have the right phone and customer support system in place. Knowing your company's needs is the first step in finding the right provider for your business.


What are Your Business Phone Needs?

Not every business has the same phone service needs. Ask yourself some questions about what is most important in your VoIP service:


  • Do you make primarily inbound or outbound phone calls?
  • Will you need a system that can quickly re-route calls to the appropriate department or individual?
  • Is remote access necessary?
  • Do you have multiple locations needing separate numbers or one central number?
  • Is collaboration between teams integral to successful business operations?
  • Do you need a phone system that can seamlessly integrate with your information and data systems?
  • Do you need a system that works across multiple platforms?


Make a list before you start shopping and provide it to every VoIP provider you're considering. Ask them to provide you with pricing and a detailed outline of how they will address each of your business needs.


Make Sure the System Has Proper Security

VoIP uses the Internet to transmit information and phone calls, so it is not secure until the provider puts into place proper security measures. Ask for the provider's security credentials and what encryption methods they use to secure data privacy. Encryption ensures that data can’t be accessed without the appropriate decryption key and is essential to security for Internet Protocol systems.


Determine the Reliability of the Network

Using a phone system that may crash can be disastrous for businesses, particularly if the focus is on providing an exceptional customer service experience. Companies like Cloud 9, which offers unique, personalized Cloud 9 experiences for their clients, can be devastated if they cannot work personally with potential customers to tailor their unforgettable gift experiences. Choosing a VoIP provider with more than one data center, each in a different locale, protects your business by providing redundant coverage to ensure seamless customer service availability even if a server or data center is down or compromised.


Single Contact Support

Look for a VoIP company that offers a project manager or single point of contact to address any questions you have and quickly resolve any problems. This is particularly crucial during the early stages of setting up your VoIP system. A project manager can work with you to customize the design for your business and put custom training in place for your employees.


Voice over Internet Protocol business phone and customer support systems can improve your business outreach and customer satisfaction while saving you money only if you find the right provider. Starting with the right questions and looking for unique and service-driven solutions will get your business where it needs to be.

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