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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo for Your Domain Name

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Kristel Staci
February 05, 2020

Kristel Staci
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Your domain name is linked to your brand. Your chosen domain name logo is normally displayed at the top left corner of a browser when visitors access your website. It remains one of the best ways to describe your business’ identity without saying anything. When users are on their search engines, your domain name logo is also easily identified when you have a simple and professional design. This is why a good domain name logo is required for your website. It could be the telling difference you use in your highly competitive field to get more clients.

We now have different logos for domain names nowadays. You can see some domain name logos having a cartoon head of the website owner, or the site’s name with an attractive design. No matter your choice, the logo design has to be of high quality.

Before deciding to get a logo for your domain name, you have to put some things in mind. This is necessary because a good logo for your domain name will make your website more attractive, while a bad logo will do the exact opposite.

Logo designs can now be done with a range of techniques and dozens of design applications, or even web based logo design creation tools, but to get the one right for your brand may be difficult. With many options available to you, it may become a needle-in-a-haystack process to get the design perfect for your domain name.

This is why we’ve decided to get you the ideal hints on what to look out for when designing a logo for your domain name.

1 - Your Business Objectives:

When selecting a domain name logo, what your business hopes to achieve through the site should be the main thing to consider. It is ideal to understand this as you or the designer of the logo will be better informed of what logo is needed.

The objectives of the business may be focused on the food industry. If your main goal is to provide the best fast food services to consumers, the colour, font and size of your logo could be influenced. When in the design process, ensure you have adequate information on:

Your target visitors: The visitors you want accessing your site could determine the logo you choose for your domain name. Your target audience may differ depending on the services you offer, and the logo can help give your brand a better image.

The competition: Your competitors can also influence the type of logo you choose for your domain name. For example, your fierce rival already has a logo for their domain name with a particular design. If you get your own design to look just like your competitor’s, your marketing efforts may become stunted. This is why you should make your domain name logo very unique from that of your competitors to retain your originality.

The intended message: The intended message is still one of the main determinants of a logo. The intended message of your brand should be incorporated into the design effort to make the logo achieve its aim.

2 - The Type of Logo:

There are several different logo styles and each one has an ability to add a better design to your domain name logo. If you intend to get the best off a logo for your domain name, it becomes necessary to select a good logo type.

You can use a word mark logo type is used to spell out the full name of a company with a stylish font. The word mark logo type could be inappropriate for a domain name logo based on scalability.

The letter marks logo type is useful for a domain logo when your brand name is too long to fit in a word mark design template. It is also ideal when you don’t need too many designs on the logo. It is perfect for domain name logos when you have to make abbreviations to your brand name.

In domain name logo designs, you can also use combination marks, with a text and symbol combined like Lacoste or Ferrari logos. Icons, emblems, symbols and mascots can also be used in designing your domain logo name.

3 - The Scalability of the Logo:

When in the design process of a domain name logo, scalability determines the success of your final choice. Since the domain name logo could be used in very small sizes, your final design has to be legible at all possible sizes. Making your domain name logo too small may affect its visibility when users access your site on large screened PCs.

4 - The Font Type:

It is important to look at the font type when designing a domain name logo. The font type could have an effect on the overall design of the logo. If the domain name logo is to contain only texts, then the font type should be designed in a legible manner. Also, fonts help to convey a certain message. Script fonts are used to suggest a personal, informal brand feel while fonts such as Serif and Sans Serif are normally used to suggest a straightforward, simple logo design.

5 - The Colors:

Colors are required when you need to make an extra statement with your domain name logo. It is no secret that some major brands such as Apple, BBC, and HBO use monochrome domain name logos, but color still has a role to play.

If your domain logo is to attract consumers (just like the two yellow arches over a red background used by Mac Donald’s) to great effect, you have to select the right colour.

Colors have a stimulating effect, and the importance of color can’t be overlooked when creating a logo. Endeavour to select the right colour that is attractive to your target audience. If possible, the color selected should be in line with the colour of your brand and website to increase uniformity.

Your domain name logo has all the statements about your brand before users even visit your site, so the right color should be used. If you use of a logo with a poorly colored background, the domain name logo may become illegible.

What Else to Consider with Your Logo Design

You may also consider costs when getting a domain name logo designed for your website. This may be irrelevant for a big budget business to consider, but a business with a limited budget needs to save as much resources as possible.

In addition to overall costs and time it will take to implement your design into your existing brand or site, you will likely also want to consider your options with WordPress. More often than note, WP makes the process of adding a logo to your site (and all pages) much easier than if you had a traditional HTML site.

Time is a factor you should also look at when creating a domain name logo. At the fast pace with which the web progresses, a late marketing initiative could be too late for your brand. There are some design methods that could get you a logo, while some others could take much longer. So if you need the logo really fast, consider getting a much faster design approach.

Final Thoughts on Creating Your Site Logo

A domain name logo can go a long way in determining if a user actually visits your site or not. You can make use of a more interesting design to attract traffic to your site, but ensure things remain simple. Creating a logo with an unrecognisable design is one mistake you should avoid making. Know that your target audience won’t skip a beat to visit the competition when they aren’t satisfied with your logo design.

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