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IP version 6 Address Added for Root Servers in the Root Zone

Derek Iwasiuk
February 11, 2008

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced that IPv6 addresses were added for six of the world's 13 root server networks (A, F, H, J, K, M) to the appropriate files and databases, which is a huge step towards the deployment of next-generation IPv6 addressing system.

"The ISP community welcomes this development as part of the continuing evolution of the public Internet,” said Tony Holmes, chair of ICANN’s Internet Service and Connectivity Provider Constituency. “IPv6 will be an essential part our future and support in the root servers is essential to the growth, stability, and reliability of the public Internet.”

IPv6 is the latest version of the addressing system on which the whole global network is based. The main reason for developing IPv6 is that the current version IPv4 is running out of available unique addresses. Presently there are only about 14% of its pool that aren't allocated. IPv6 is the next step of expanding the addressing system which was provoked by the permanent growth of the number of Internet users.

IPv6 is an updated way to include records written in a new format, which allows to create millions of new potential web addresses. Up to now, most of the web addresses are written in IP version 4, but from this time on, the Internet's root servers will also be able to operate with records written in IP version 6.

The experts in this field assert that IPv6 has three indisputable benefits: a tremendous address space, end-to-end security, and easier network administration through automatic device configuration.

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