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Domain Parking Business Takes a Bad Turn

Derek Iwasiuk
March 31, 2008

It is not a secret that domain parking was a lucrative business. Until recently, a number of companies made good earnings on it. In the last few months, ad providers changed the rules and the situation for domain parking rapidly took a bad turn. Domain name parking has become less profitable business.

In February, Yahoo notified its advertising partners that it would not accept “arbitrage” traffic any longer. Much of the arbitrage was between ads on Google sent to landing pages with Yahoo ads. Thus the new policy affected those that park domains on a Google feed and those that have Google AdSense on their site. also caused damages to the parking companies when it terminated syndicating its Google advertising feed.

In early March, new feature added in Google AdWord makes it possible for advertisers to exclude ads from appearing on domain parking sites. Needless to say, that this influence parking domains on any of Google’s ad feeds, no matter if it comes to a “search” feed or “content” feed.

How does the domain parking work? Domain owners that possess huge amounts of temporary or “parked” web sites buy clicks on any of the search engines and thus bring keyword search results to their pages. They benefit from visitors’ clicking on parking ads without offering real content for the web users.

Since ad providers changed the rules, this bad practice has been reduced. And this is quite reasonable. If you want to generate revenue, you should put serious efforts on developing your site in order to get traffic and get into search engine. It is fairly for all internet users and domain owners who contribute for the quality and value of internet.

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