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Domainers need more creative platforms

Derek Iwasiuk
April 21, 2008

Domainers and parking companies will have to explore new avenues if they want to easily adapt in the changing conditions. There is no doubt that the demand for profitable alternatives to traditional domain parking is increasing.

Recently, Yahoo started testing Google’s AdSense for Search service, which delivers relevant ads alongside Yahoo's own natural search results. The test is projected to continue two weeks involving 3% of Yahoo's Web search queries.

If this test grows into an advertising pact, then there might be seriously consequences for domain industry. At the moment, Domain monetization options are basically limited to working with Google and Yahoo! Moreover, most of the major parking companies use a Yahoo ad feed. What will happen if Yahoo starts relying on Google?

Yahoo’s test might be considered as a warning for parking companies. It won't be enough for domainers to rely only on getting passive income from some good parked domains in the future, anyway.

“The current parking platforms are flat and domainers need more creative tools and parking services. There are many new multimedia and interactive features that domainers haven’t tapped into yet.”, said Michelle Miller, founder and CEO of

As domain owners with minimal returns on traditionally parked sites seek better paying options, parking companies need to develop flexible domain platforms that will strengthen the value of domain names beyond simple PPC. Many individual domainers can’t afford building complex domain platform due to the development and maintenance of domain require considerable time and resource.

On the other hand, a good alternative for increasing the value of domain owners' portfolios remains web development of domain names. The advantages of web develepment are great potential profit and great sale price. Experts advise before buying a domain to have a business plan for it how to develop the name having real content, compelling information, and the most relevant advertisers.

Regardless of whether it is a new one or existing domain, when add value by developing it, domainer will be able to either keep it to generate revenue or sell it for better price.

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