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Google Expands Adsense For Domains

Derek Iwasiuk
December 12, 2008

Surprisingly, Google announced that they will be expanding their Google for Domains program to all publishers allowing them to make money through ads placed on undeveloped domains. It is a really huge and bold move by the search engine giant.

Previously Google Adsense for Domains was exclusively only available for domain owners who have traffic over 750,000 unique visits a month. After dealing with arbitrage and cutting feed to some domain parking companies for a while, now Google is opening the program to all. Even smaller publishers who have unused domains can already use it.

The question is if domainers can signup directly with Google instead of using a third party service, what benefits can domain parking programs offer to domainers?

According to Domain Name Wire, domain parking aggregators can negotiate high revenue shares with Google, something that the individual domainer won’t be able to do. Another posible drawback is that the limited landing templates offered by Google’s standard Adsense probably won’t convert as well as advanced landers from traditional domain parking companies.

On the other hand, if Google in some way or other managed to monopolize domain parking, then domain parking companies might get into trouble. For now, it is expected that the program will attract only people with smaller domain portfolios who can’t get accepted by most domain parking companies.

Despite of the fact that the Google template is still quite plain, the huge number of advertisers and the removal of the middleman might make the program work well. This will certainly be good for domainers and not so good for parking companies. In fact, what seems undoubtedly is that this move will make the competition more aggressive and would eventually increase the revenue share for domainers.

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