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DevHub Web Site Creation Platform Opens to Public

Derek Iwasiuk
February 20, 2009

DevHub, part of EVO Media Group launched a free Web site publishing platform on Tuesday, promising that non-technical users can create, manage, and monetize niche websites in minutes.

DevHub has raised over $1 million in late 2007 and mid-2008, from angel investors, according to Geoff Nuval, CEO of DevHub.

With an account created at no cost, you can use the DevHub creation platform to turn your domains into a network of fully functional niche websites. The system gives the flexibility to mix your own content with other content modules (news, reviews, RSS) as well as to incorporate multiple revenue streams such as products, sponsored ads, local business and property listings, job leads with the help of easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. What’s more, you will be able to analyze traffic and revenue figures which will help you further tweak your site for your targeted audience.

Watch the DevHub video below to see how has been created from scratch.

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Title: DevHub Client Very Happy February 23, 2009
Comment by Bob Bernstein

I was fortunate to be involved during it's beta testing. Evo Landing approved and created a few of my websites. Now that DevHub is up and running, the process for non-technical entrepreneurs, like myself, to build-out a network of web sites is relatively easy, albeit with some detailed work, relative content and a lot of follow through. An example of one of my active sites relating to the best travel " deals to Vegas " is
I am continuing to update the website daily as anyone would do with their site. The DevHub system improves almost daily. I highly recommend them over any domain parking company, if you can meet their quality standards.



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