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Are Domain Names A Sound Investment?

Derek Iwasiuk
April 01, 2009

While the global economy continues to decline, domain industry is showing an enviable growth, especially when it comes to selling top generic domain names.

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed strong sales activities on the secondary domain market. Some recent eye-popping sales of generic domains along with other high sales are good grounds to convince us in the recession-proof nature of domain business.

Global toy conglomerate TOYS R US have purchased the domain for the reported 5.1 million dollars. According to Ron Jackson, not only is that the biggest sale of 2009 so far, but it also ranks as one of the ten biggest sales ever reported.

Amid the biggest domain name purchases of 2009 is also the recent impressive sale of the domain which has fetched 1.9 million dollars. In the meantime, Rick Schwartz, known as “Domain King”, wrote on his blog that he was selling for $3 million dollars.

It is also worth mentioning the most recent sales of and domains, which fetched $500,000, and $85,000 respectively.

And these are only some of the latest transactions, that have gone far beyond our imagination.

According to Kevin Heisler, the executive editor of Search Engine Watch, the top tier domain names are exception, not rule. And this fact explains why some domain names easily fetch six and seven figured sums, even in a slowing economy.

In fact, as more businesses and entrepreneurs realize the value and the benefits of owning premium Internet properties, it could be expected that the next few years will bring a surge of buying, selling and developing domain names. The truth is that good domain names are well worth the initial investment due to their potential to be developed into profitable long-term businesses. One thing is certain; domains will continue to grow in value.

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