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Domaining Powerful Tips

Derek Iwasiuk
April 15, 2009

Well, there is an entire business called domaining based on the practice of finding, buying and reselling domain names for profit. In his inspirational video series “Domaining Power Course”, the well-known domain investor Morgan Linton gives insights into how to buy, appraise and sell domain names.

For those of you, who are interested in becoming a domainer, watch the videos below and learn from a professional domain investor how to start and grow your own domain investment business. The whole course and many other valuable tips can be found on the Morgan Linton's blog.

And so, let’s start.

Buying Domain Names

Do you want to know all the different places you can start looking to buy domain names as well as the pros and cons of each of them? Then watch the video.


Domain Name Appraisal

What is the value of a domain name and how to understand it? How to buy a domain that will become a valuable investment? Take a look at the video and find all the answers.


Selling Domain Names

There are a number of different places online where you can sell domain names. And each one is different based on the type of the domain you want to sell. Watch the video to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each domain marketplace.



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