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New DomainInformer launches!
May 10, 2005

The team at DevStart is proud to announce the release of the new DomainInformer. This re-launch of our domain-focused website goes much deeper than a cosmetic redesign.  In fact, we’ve changed almost every part of DomainInformer to make it the absolute best resource for anyone interested in domain names.

New features include:

Domain Name Suggestions:  It can be frustrating to search for available domain names.  You have to keep trying different combinations of words in hopes of finding one that you can actually register, and you never really know what great names you may have overlooked.  The Domain Name Suggestion tool solves this problem by giving you a massive list of available domain names that contain your keywords.  A visitor can select from thousands of possibilities and add multiple domains to a handy shopping cart.

Deleted / On-Hold Domains:  Thousands and thousands of domain names expire and become available each and every week.  Is one of them relevant to your business and already have a decent placement in Google or Alexa?  The best way to find out is to use the powerful Deleted / On-Hold Domains search tool on DomainInformer.  This single tool will give you all of the information you need on expiring domains and makes it easy to backorder the best ones for your business.

Newly Registered Domains:  Imitation may be flattery, but it may also be trademark infringement.  The Newly Registered Domains tool helps you proactively find out about an infringing domain before the damage is done to your company’s reputation.

Advanced Whois:  Most folks familiar with the ‘Net know that “whois” is a protocol for querying a database to determine the owner of a domain name.  The Advanced Whois tool on DomainInformer adds a ton of additional information about a domain, including:
• Ranking on Alexa, DMOZ, Google, and Yahoo!;
• Geographic location of the server;
• Other domains hosted on the same server; and
• Advanced tools for monitoring and backordering the domain name.

Domains Scheduled for Deletion:  Wouldn’t it be nice to know which relevant domains are scheduled for deletion?  Now you can, thanks to this powerful tool at DomainInformer.

These new tools are just the beginning of exciting new developments scheduled for DomainInformer.  Some of the upcoming improvements include in-depth statistics on everything related to domain names and an automated reporting system that makes it easier to find great opportunities and also protect your intellectual property.  Keep an eye on DI for some even more great features.

Would you like to use the new DomainInformer tools on your website?  Each new DI tool was designed to be easily integrated into a partner’s website.  Running a domain registration service can be a costly and time-consuming business, so let DevStart help add great new features without breaking the bank.  Contact us for more information on how to license the DomainInformer tools for you business.


Darren Tabor
DevStart, Inc.



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