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D-Link Launches 3G Compatible Internet Camera


By Derek Iwasiuk
September 27, 2005

D-Link ( announced that a new D-Link Internet Camera with 3G compatibility will be added to its award-winning line of IP surveillance products offering customers the ability to view live video streams from a 3G cell phone.

The D-Link Wireless Internet Camera with 3G compatibility supports both static and dynamic IP addressing as well as Dynamic Domain Name Services (DDNS) support that allows access to your camera without having to remember an IP address.

"Remote monitoring of your home or business in real time from a cell phone offers some intriguing application possibilities," said Steven Joe, President and CEO for D-Link.

The D-Link Wireless Internet Camera with 3G compatibility attaches to a home or small office network via a wired or wireless 802.11g/b connection and the live camera feed can then be pulled from the 3G cellular network by compatible cell phones with a 3GPP player.

The D-Link 3G Wireless Internet Camera will offer both consumers and small businesses a flexible and convenient way to remotely monitor a home or office in real time from anywhere within the 3G service area.

"We are excited to offer this enabling technology to our customers and will continue to provide new and innovative solutions for the emerging cellular 3G data space."

The D-Link Wireless Internet Camera with 3G compatibility is a fixed lens camera supporting resolutions up to 640x480 with user selectable JPEG or MPEG-4 compression rates.

The camera supports a wireless interface for attachment to any existing 802.11g or 802.11b wireless LAN as well as a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port for direct attachment to a wired network. In addition to cellular phone monitoring, the compatible formats of the D-Link 3GPP/ISMA Wireless Internet Camera also allow for playback on a network attached computer or media player.

The D-Link Wireless Internet Camera with 3G compatibility also comes bundled with free Windows-based surveillance software that can support monitoring and scheduled, motion triggered, or manual recording for up to 16 cameras. The camera also features an easy to use built-in web-based user interface.



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