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New Site Redesign Offers Blogsters Spam-Free Space, Superior Image Hosting in Strong Community Atmosphere

By Derek Iwasiuk
December 23, 2005

Cleveland Entrepreneur Tony Colan and partner Ed Harrison announced today the purchase of for $100,000, confirming the value of a good domain name. Their programmers rewrote the entire software for and went live on Thanksgiving Day 2005. Their redesigned site features superior image hosting, a user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates, providing continuity and easy navigation for blogsters.

"We were attracted to the name immediately," said Tony Colan, Vice President of "Blogging is no longer just for teens, techies and political pundits. The growth, we expect, will be explosive, and as a result, we were willing to pay a premium for a domain that will help us build brand awareness in the marketplace."$100,000 may seem like a lot to pay for a Web site domain, but Colan and Harrison are no amateurs when it comes to the world of Internet business. The two recently sold their successful pay-per-click search Web site,, to Liquidity Services in Washington, D.C., an online liquidator for government surplus. While the duo declined to comment on the terms of the deal, a recent S-1 notice of going public by LSI, put the deal at over $3 Million dollars.

So what is a Blogster? A Blogster is one who blogs. (Blogging is defined as a frequent chronological online publication of personal thoughts and Web links.) The benefit of having a domain name like is the domain name defines who is on the site. A blogster or blogger can go to the site hrough direct navigation, that is, typing in the word and arriving at the URL without the use of a search engine. "This is a tremendous feature," said Colan. Anyone who decides to start a blog, can easily find us without
executing an exhaustive search."

According to, the most searched-for definition in 2004 was blog. "We have no doubt about the future of blogging," Colan said. "Our site gives people the ability to be heard in a community-based atmosphere --all within minutes and at no cost, anyone can have their own Web site and blogat" is a community as well as an online entertainment
destination. It features interest-specific blogs, which are called channels.
Channels include: Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Fashion and Food & Drink.

    Other blogs that have become quite popular on

     - An Octogenarian who recounts her life story
     - A women using her mother's diary to add to her daily postings
     - A 60-year-old painter from Florida with a vibrant gallery of paintings differentiates itself from the other blogging sites, by
eliminating all spam. "We intend to take hard line against spam. We don't want our blogs clogged with all that Internet garbage," Colan said.



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