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DomainsBot Releases Free Solutions for Domains


Word Trends with Search Cloud & reports demystify keyword trends and characteristics of valuable domains.

By Derek Iwasiuk
March 16, 2006

DomainsBot, a provider of domain name information, recently launched four new offerings, including other domain name tools and popularity trends reports.

Word Trends shows trends in the use of keywords in registered domains over time, claims the company. It also shows the relative popularity of a keyword in comparison to other keywords. Search Cloud, a live tool, examines the relationship between keywords among registered domains by displaying in a graphical 'cloud' with other keywords. Whereas, Split-It shows the possible keyword elements of any domain and which of the possibilities is the likeliest.

The company also offers reports that provide an analysis of what makes domain names valuable on the secondary market. The reports investigate how the length, number of keywords and parts of speech affect the value of the domain name in the secondary market.

"Many of our customers use our service to find good domains available on the secondary market, but until now, there had not been any in-depth studies on what makes a domain name valuable," said Max Ralli, DomainsBot CEO. "There are several components that one can look at to guess the value of a name, and most people instinctually know that shorter domains without numbers and hyphens are most valuable, but buyers and sellers have had to go on their gut."

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