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Domain Registrar, BulkRegister, Offers New Tools


Services include domain folders, pre-funded account credits, global modification tools, custom portfolio reports, TransferExpress and Free Push.

By Derek Iwasiuk
April 12, 2006

BulkRegister, an ICANN accredited domain registrar, today announced that it has developed and released new products over the past six months to help domainers more easily manage and protect their portfolios.

The company released products and services including domain folders, expanded account preferences, pre-funded account credits with credit card, PayPal, expanded global modification tools, custom portfolio reports, multiple credit cards on file, domain searchbox, list, view and sort handles, list, view and sort nameservers, TransferExpress and Free Push.

While some of the other products also include AccountPilot, express registration, bulk registration, fast access searchbox, private WHOIS registration, transferguard, domain namespinner, renewal by textbox, enhanced management, account statistics, customizable user interface, minimal advertising in the user interface, parking monetization, domain brokering and domain appraisals.

"Our responsiveness and foresight in developing new tools and products for our members make BulkRegister the clear choice for Domainers serious about increasing their revenues," says Eric Rice, General Manager of BulkRegister. "The feedback and response we've gotten on our Domain Folders and other new tools has been tremendous. People use our interface and management tools much like a small business owner uses QuickBooks. They become a critical part of the daily management of the Domainer's business, so they have to be powerful and robust tools that help save time and

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