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Google enters China with a new name


By Derek Iwasiuk
April 13, 2006

Google has complied with China's censorship rules to fulfill its "mission to serve all the people in the world," the company's chief executive officer has said.

"The No. 1 goal, by far, is to serve the Chinese citizen who wants information," Eric Schmidt told reporters Wednesday at the launch of Google's new Chinese name, China Daily reported Thursday.

"We have made commitments to the Chinese government that we absolutely follow Chinese law," Schmidt said.

Schmidt also launched the Chinese name "Gu Ge," Google's only alternative name worldwide.

The Chinese words mean "harvest song" and were chosen to promise a "fruitful and productive search experience," said Alan Wang of Google China.

Schmidt said Google estimated that China already has more Internet users than any other country.

State media last week quoted the leading portal as saying China could already have up to 200 million Internet users.

Google's decision to censor searches on its new domain attracted heavy criticism because it was the last major global search engine to do so.

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