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Stay On Top of the Domain Name Game: It Pays Off Big - Revolutionary New Website 'LoveTheName.Com' Just Made It Easier


Exclusive Showcase now makes sought after domain names available to the general public a ‘Name Your Own Price’ Feature! : Increase much needed web site exposure with a Relevant Domain Name to stay current and stockpile domain names with an eye toward futu

By Derek Iwasiuk
April 13, 2006

It is a no-brainer, but if you were looking online for a youthful skin moisturizer, chances are you could find it in under “www.StopAgingInfo.” Well, that makes sense, but what if the owner of the best youthful moisturizing cream does not own the domain name “StopAging.Info’? Well, you get the picture … The same goes for “” (perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to share his list of ‘”Be Your Own Boss’ opportunities.) How about “” for the author of DVD’s and books that offers guidelines and tutoring for passing all kinds of tests…?

Making it possible for small and large businesses to jump start and stay current with their marketplace by having the right name for their site is one of the reasons LovetheName.Com was launched. “The web site not only breaks ground by presenting sought after domain names that are for sale in one place for standard market rates, but also people are encouraged to set their own market value and make an offer,” said Vice President of Marketing Rever Thabiti.

“By allowing a ‘make an offer approach’ “ added Thabiti, “it levels the playing field for both small and large business. It isn’t always the dollar amount, but the vision of what might become a trend.”

Other web site professionals agree. Robert Lewis, Lewis Web Optimization Tools, Tampa, Fl, said, “Initially, people developed websites with a name that presented what they believed to be something of value to their audience at that time.” Lewis added, “The oversight was in not addressing the fact that the words people use to search for something constantly evolves and changes according to all kinds of trends. It is great to see a company not only encouraging identifying a correct name for a site initially, but also ‘stockpiling domain names’ for future use. It takes constant monitoring- something people do not have the time to do- but could save them thousands of marketing dollars and earn them millions. ‘’ simplifies it."

Ella Musina, President of Papillion Design Lab, San Francisco, Ca concurs. "I encourage my clients to stay informed and try to predict upcoming trends. When we design a website with a particular name and employ optimizing techniques, it is just as easy to assign another sub domain to point to the main site and not miss out of current terminology or trends that might also apply to their main website.”

“We are very pleased with our responses,” said Thabiti, adding, “For the companies or people that do not have the time it takes to monitor trends, people are logged on to our site to see available some of the most exclusive, marketable, relevant, established domain names."

In addition to the Exclusive Showcase of domain names also offers hosting options and other website enhancers. For more information log on to www.LoveTheName.Com or call 720-987-5252

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