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New European .eu Top Level Domain Name Outgrows .biz


By Derek Iwasiuk
April 14, 2006

Internet research firm Ipwalk published a report, according to which the new European TLD .eu managed to outgrow the already well-established gTLD .biz.

During the landrush period of free registration, beginning last Friday, European EURid registry received approximately 800,000 applications, compared to 364,218 applications received during the two Sunrise periods, in which owners of earlier rights were able to preferentially register their domains, Ipwalk reports.

Ipwalk report said that there are today 1.454.128 active .eu domain names, a number that surpasses 1.352.984 active .biz domain names. The .biz TLD was introduced in 2001 but is limited for business and commercial use.

The daily rate of new .eu registrations is decreasing, but if it stabilizes at 10.000/day the .eu TLD will outgrow the .info TLD within approximately four months. According to the researcher, there are currently 2.616.048 registered .info domain names. The .info TLD was introduced in 2000, it doesn’t have any limitations and there are now 2.616.048 registered .info domain names.

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