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LogiConn Networks Launches – A Full Solution for Completely Personalized Email


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 10, 2006

Toronto, Ontario - LogiConn Networks has announced the launch of an innovative service that will allow both companies and individuals to create completely personalized email addresses. This new service will allow companies that cannot afford a dedicated mail server, the software, and the personnel, to have personalized email addresses, at the domain of their choice.

Customers of will have their domain name registration, hosting, and technical support handled by without needing to supply anything but the desired email addresses. The service includes integration with existing mail software on your PC or MAC, and also a web based application which will allow users to check their mail from any computer connected to the internet.

“We’ve been there ourselves, trying to get personalized email but finding that it’s just way too expensive. How can I have business partners or potential customers reach me at a generic email address, like those offered through other sites, or internet service providers? How does that look? But at the same time many companies can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on their own mail system.” says Joe DeClara, a Microsoft Exchange Certified Professional (Exchange is Microsoft’s email server software). "We can provide the same service as a dedicated mail server, for a fraction of the price.”

Chris Priest-Brown, of LogiConn Networks has been working with various mail server, and web hosting solutions for several years, and developed the system. “ is one of the easiest setups I’ve seen, and because of it’s simplicity, it can be offered at an inexpensive price.” is not only easy from an administration point of view, but it could be one of the easiest methods of setting up customized email for the end user today. “It’s not just about providing cheap email, it’s about building better business practices. We want to have strong relationships with our customers and we know that providing a great service at a fair price is the best way to do that.”

Other than choosing your own domain name, which is subject to availability, there is little effort required on the part of the end user. has a staff of experienced, and innovative mail administrators who have a common goal of allowing the individuality of email addresses to flourish in a highly technical society.

About LogiConn Networks Inc.

Founded in 2002, LogiConn Networks is quickly becoming the recognized leader in professional data services and online application development. Our fast and friendly support approach and extremely reliable network means that clients receive a superior experience at LogiConn Networks - first class technical support, and the opportunity to use industry-leading technologies, allow you to focus more on your core business, and less on ours.



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