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Media Blitz Asks the Question: Who is 'The Baddest Dude' and Does He Have Money? One Day Auction Set For May 22, 2006


One Day Live Auction for "The Baddest Dude" Domain Name set for May 22, 2006. Auction hosted by, a company best known in the industry for stockpiling TLD's (Top Level Domains).

By Derek Iwasiuk
May 10, 2006

Media Blitz Asks the Question: Who is 'The Baddest Dude' and Does He Have Money? One day Auction Set For May 22, 2006 Some people think that the Heavyweight Boxing Champ of the World, the President of Hell's Angels, Donald Trump, Snoop Dogg, Bill O'Reilly or Eminem is the Baddest Dude around. Other people think it is the smartest, fastest, wealthiest or strongest one amongst us.

Soon, we'll find out who will hold the new coveted crown as a result of a live auction for being held at "What makes this event so exciting is that this is more than a Domain Name / Web Address or prime Internet Real Estate for sale, but it is also the highest Crown or Title in modern times and it's up for grabs to anyone who wants it," says Rever Thabiti V.P. Sales and Mktg. " is the one and only in the entire industry, absolutely impossible to duplicate and we're excited to be sponosring the auction," Thabiti adds. are best known in the industry for stockpiling TLD's (Top Level Domains) in the Exclusive Showcase section at their website for release to the general public on a "Name Your Own Price" basis as a way to level the playing field for smaller investors to compete in the market. "Many of the Domains featured in our showcase are the result of extensive research involving some of the best experts in Internet trend analysis and forecasting," says Beth Loehrke, a Sr. Acct. Mgr., at She adds, "Along with other categories, we are recommending or emphasizing Prescription Drugs, Politics, Religion and Robotic Technology as some of the best Domains for our clients to buy at this time."

Why should anyone (females also) want to own If you think about it, each generation and every neighborhood produces someone who thinks he or she is the "baddest dude" at something. Furthermore, it is believed that everybone knows somebody who might be interested in claiming ownership of the "crown domain." Other industry analyst agree that as an investment, there will always be someone else who will pay more to own it. Bill Cosby, the actor, said at the height of his career, "It does not matter how much money I make, there is always someone else with a bigger yacht."

"The new owner of will have a variety of options with a powerful domain like that aside from the obvious investment advantages" says Maury Williams, CEO, Universal Sports Centers Inc. "They could create a weekly challenge or game that determines a new crown winner, like American Idol except with a different competitive contest that's held online and with virtual technology for the Internet around the corner, this could explode," added Williams.

The 2-day Auction will start 10 a.m. (USA, M.S.T.) Mon., May 22nd and end 7 p.m.Tues May 23rd 2006. For more info please visit or contact them at email protected from spam bots or call 720-987-5252.

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