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pcNames Discovers New Market of Expired Domains


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 18, 2006 has developed a new search for pre-release domains. These particular domains are available prior to the expired process. This market is virtually unknown and untouched.

Pre-release names is a new category of domains which the previous owner has recently neglected to pay the renewal fee, and are now being auctioned off by the registrar. If the domain is not sold it will eventually expire. When a domain passes the re-registration date the registrar will renew the domain automatically. If the owner of the domain does not pay, the registrar has two options, request a refund from the registry and let the domain expire, or to auction it off. The registrars which have decided to attempt to auction off their domains prior to requesting a refund will use their affiliated backorder services to host these auctions.

The four backorder services where these names can be found are SnapNames, NameWinner, TDNAM (Godaddy) and Enom. To ease the process of finding a pre-release name, has created a search from the domains collected from all four locations. Their powerful sorting algorithm ranks each domain by more than 20 factors to ensure the higher quality names are shown first, rather than simply showing them alphabetically as do the backorder services. Once the desired domain is found, the buyer can simply click 'place bid' to be taken to the correct backorder service to participate in the auction for that name.

With the domain industry growing at such a rapid pace, available domains of worth are becoming extinct. There are several avenues one can travel to purchasing a quality domain. Domains for sale is obviously the primary source for the most valuable names but few can afford it. A more affordable solution would be to search for available, expired or pre-release domains. Registering an available domain would be the least expensive option, however finding a desirable name could prove to be a challenging task. Expired and pre-release domains have a better selection at a fair price with minimum bids ranging from $30.00 - $60.00. With so many people turning to expired domains the bids are beginning to increase. Pre-release domains are very similar to the expired domains with one important difference. The market is unknown creating a better option for buyers.

Free searches for available, expired, and pre-release domains can be found at

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