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Merit Media to Sell Million-Dollar "Domain Name" Portfolio


Republicans and Democrats seek to launch Chamber Of Commerce.

By Derek Iwasiuk
May 19, 2006

Sunnyvale, CA - Merit Media of Sunnyvale, California, today announced the upcoming sale of two valuable, primary, world-class domain names: The National Republican Chamber of Commerce (dot-com) and The National Democratic Chamber of Commerce (dot-com).

Each domain name is part of a portfolio of associated names. Assets available for sale include an additional one-hundred-ninety (190) domain names, such as and

With the upcoming 2006 elections and the not-too-distant 2008 Presidential elections, it is imperative that political candidates have a strong image. A political party seeks to create brand-name recognition and to connect their politician’s name with visible accomplishments and known entities. Both of these domain names are key for that because Chambers are known for reliability, prestige and integrity.

But these are not just domain names. Each domain-name portfolio also comes with an unlimited supply of Chamber memberships that include over twenty (20) benefits and services each at no cost to the domain owner or the member receiving the benefits. The Chamber benefit packages are being donated by SmarTalk Network of Las Vegas, Nevada, and may be used as a "thank you" for political contributions, to attend rallies and more. Recipients simply register online. There is no cost for their benefits. This not only captures additional information for the political party, it also allows further ongoing contact with individuals, some of whom may be new to the party or have not yet registered to vote.

Based on the brand-name recognition of these domain names and the income that they can generate for the right entity, it is anticipated that the selling price for these names will be in the high seven (7) figures. According to “USA Today,” page 1, Friday, April 14, 2006, $12,000,000 is the top price paid so far this year for a single domain name.

The domain-name portfolios tentatively are to be auctioned on eBay beginning Friday, June 2, 2006, with a minimum opening bid of $750,000.



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