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All Info About provides free domains, a new back end system, new design, and friendly community.

By Derek Iwasiuk
May 22, 2006

Bath, UK - The UK-based All Info About network ( is paving the way for new standards in the Web content world, by being the first major network to offer Correspondents their own unique domain name where they can build their site for free. All Info About has also recently launched a new design, and sites are being transferred to the popular and easy-to-use back end system, CMS Made Simple, allowing Correspondents to publish quickly and easily from anywhere with Internet access. All Info About also boasts a friendly community of knowledgeable experts who help each other in building their topic sites.

Building a site on the All Info About network allows Correspondents more control over the look and formatting of their content, as well as their site’s advertising, than similar competing networks. Correspondents work together to help each other build quality sites and monetize them, and the community provides support for both content and technical issues.

AIA Correspondents are experts on their topic, and manage one or more sites on the network. Current Correspondents are located all over the world in such places as the UK, US, Australia, and India. They are chosen for their ability to communicate, as well as for their expertise in their subject. All Info About is currently accepting applications for new Correspondents. A list of available topics can be found by visiting

All Info About Correspondent Jennifer Mattern adds, “AIA is an excellent opportunity for writers to build a quality site with network support, without having to worry as much about technical and design issues. After working as a writer for another competing content network, it’s easy to appreciate the friendly and supportive atmosphere, between Sue, Carol, and all of the group’s Correspondents, that makes building even multiple sites feel more enjoyable and less daunting.” Mattern is the Correspondent running the AIA Consulting & Freelance Jobs, AIA Marketing & Public Relations, and soon to be AIA Small Business sites.

About All Info About, Ltd.

All Info About is a progressive company formed in the UK in June 2001, and is run by Sue Williams and Carol Fisher. AIA is an online content network with individual topic sites run by an increasing number of Correspondents internationally who serve as experts in their subjects.

For more information, please visit, or contact Carol Fisher at 044 1225 700085 or via email at carol @



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