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Three of the World's Most Valuable Domain Names Up for International Auction!


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 24, 2006

New York City, NY - What is Ethanol? For the first time in US history. The United States has made a strong effort to break free from the chains that bind this wonderful nation for years! We have been working on new ingenious ways to break the hold the middle east has on us by developing new fuel technology. Depending on your location, ethanol-enriched fuel may have been available for years, may have just recently debuted, or may not yet be available.

Regardless, more and more drivers are becoming aware of this alternative fuel — and more awareness means more questions asked. E85 or E10, Better known as Ethanol, will one day change the way America travels and does business. In the near future you will be filling up even your lawn mower with this Wonder Gas.

Everything from boats, trains, planes & automobiles will run on alternative ethanol.

This high octane gas burns cleaner & cooler than any other type of fuel. It is our pleasure to announce that these domains are now available for International auction on, the web's premier site for domain name brokerage.

Michael Di Pippo of New York City, the owner of these prime pieces of cyber real estate said as he smiled, "I hope the names will be used by an American owned & operated company, but you know how auctions go, I hope one day ALL Americans will be able to thumb their noses and flip the oil bearing countries the bird."

So far we've had a number of high profile companies show interest in these domains and one of them even made a generous offer".

We hope he gets his wish! All potential bidders will be able to bid live for these prime domain names , and starting at 7:00 am on May 23rd 2006. Bidding has commenced and starts at $50,000US for ALL three names.That's some deal! The lucky owners of these industry specific domains will corner the market and not only boost annual sales, but also improve their companies bottom line for years to come.

What is ethanol?
Auto service pros: driving home the facts about ethanol.
Customers depend on you for automotive answers. To help you weigh the facts and offer good advice to your customers, we’ve compiled the most up-to-date information on ethanol performance below.

Boosting performance
Ethanol-enriched fuels (E10 is the most common in the United States) meet or exceed all performance standards for U.S. vehicles, including:

Heat Energy: The heat energy of all gasoline-based motor fuel varies somewhat by formulation, region and time of year. Ethanol burns slightly cooler than straight gasoline: on average, a gallon of 10% ethanol-enriched gasoline contains about 112,000 BTUs of heat energy, compared to 114,000 BTUs for straight gasoline. Cooler combustion temperatures contribute to increased engine longevity.

Volatility/Vapor Pressure: Ethanol-enriched fuel meets all applicable vapor-pressure standards, as regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Octane: Adding 10% ethanol to regular unleaded gas typically increases the octane rating from 87 to 89.5 or higher. This boost can reduce knocking and pinging, and allows cars with knock sensors to gain increased power.

Phase Separation: Ethanol-enriched fuel is far more tolerant of water contamination than regular gasoline, helping to prevent phase separation and water at the bottom of the tank.

Fuel-System Compatibility
You or your customers may remember hearing reports from the late 1970s about issues with ethanol compatibility. Those issues have long been resolved. Since 1980, modern fuel lines have been fully compatible with ethanol. Since 1990, all U.S. gasolines have contained detergents to control fuel-tank deposits that can clog fuel filters. And when it comes to induction-system components, ethanol blends work well with fuel injection systems and older carbureted vehicles.

Internal Engine Component Compatibility:
Because ethanol burns cleaner than regular gasoline, it leaves fewer deposits on intake valves and combustion chambers. Otherwise, ethanol-enriched gasoline performs in much the same way as regular gasoline.

Bettering the environment ... and the economy
In addition to ethanol’s performance advantages, you and your customers can feel good about its air-quality benefits. Because ethanol-enriched gasoline contains more oxygen than regular gasoline, it burns more completely, which reduces carbon monoxide emissions. And since ethanol is produced here in the United States, it creates jobs and helps reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources.



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