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Brand New Domain Names Released - Internet Users Finally Benefit


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 29, 2006

The interest shown in the new customized domain names market just keeps on growing. With options ranging from .AMAZING to .ZEN and beyond, you can create the image you want, instead of leaving to others.

Mad about sport? Then you can be www. baseball.hero. Want to be famous? Then you can be www. Not getting enough friends? Then you can be www. really.popular. The possibilities are endless and it could even change your life.

Right now a new dimension is being added to the Internet that anyone can use virtually without restriction. This is neither ICANN, nor its alternative; rather a Private Global Network that has been opened up to the general public. With unlimited choice for those wanting personalization and easy to remember options, this trend has been firmly established.

dotWORLDS (, a company at the forefront of this market are offering domain names, email address and web hosting totally free to make it easy for users to experience this new universe. Those with existing websites or domains will find it simple to use their new dotWORLDS domain name, where they will be able to run both old and new sites in parallel and increase their Internet presence.

Brian Retkin, director of dotWORLDS Ltd said "This is a very exciting development. We offer choice in what was an increasingly restricted market. Now, people have the ability to use domain names for what they were intended: a memorable, relevant and fun way for people to find websites and content on the Internet. We have already seen communities springing up around some of the free domains that we offer, such as ".music", and with the freedom to invent Internet addresses they really want, people are turning to these dotWORLDS to express themselves."

About dotWORLDS Ltd
dotWORLDS Ltd. (, a company based in London focused on providing fully customizable Internet domain names, e-mail addresses and hosting through its global infrastructure and provides a free browser upgrade that allows viewing of customized domain names.

dotWORLDS building on the success of their Internet Communities is now giving domain names, email addresses and hosting completely free. Visit and register yours today.

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