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'St' Domain Names Now Available at


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 29, 2006

New 'St' Domain Names available to the public through The new domain name extensions offer great opportunity for Entrepreneurs to Cash in on cyber Real Estate.

”The curiosity about a site is generally what intrigues people to log on in the first place, “says Rever Thabiti V.P. Sales & Mktg. for Love the “Those who remember the boom of the initial DOT COM industry understand the importance of capitalizing on new domain name extension. We are excited to feature the ‘.st’ extensions because they promise the cutting edge of the industry. On a basic level, domain names are important because the Internet's addressing scheme is not very effective without them. However, domain names are much more than just a technical shortcut. A short, memorable domain name can make the difference between creating a successful Web presence and getting lost in cyberspace." Thabiti added, “With the rapidly increasing association between Real Estate and Domain Names/Web Addresses, it is understandable why the State domains are so coveted and sought after.” He adds, “If you own Texas.ST or Ohio.ST, it would be like owning an entire state online and with the infinite applications and possibilities presented by these domains, a new, creative owner could encounter skyrocketing or unlimited financial gains.”

Beth Loehrke, Sr. Account Mgr. and media spokesperson for the company says, “Anytime you sell something for more than you paid, it’s a good investment by any standard. I predict that this rare auction will be more of a first come, first served, instead of a highest bidder because this will attract those who learn about this news first.”

According to Domains Magazine, “Domain names are not as available as was once thought and it’s affecting the aftermarket prices.” Thabiti adds, “It is likely that those who buy the State domains are influenced or governed by the most basic economic principle of increasing demand and short supply.”

The entire lot of 'st' or 'state' domain names available through include: Arizona.St; Colorado.St; Georgia.St; Hawaii.St; Illinois.St; Iowa.St; Kansas.St; Kentucky.St; Louisiana.St; Maryland.St; Massachusetts.St; Michigan.St; Minnesota.St; Mississippi.St; Nevada.St; NewJersey.St; NewMexico.St; NorthCarolina.St; Ohio.St; Oklahoma.St; Oregon.St; Pennsylvania.St; RhodeIsland.St; SouthDakota.St; Texas.St; Utah.St; Vermont.St; Wyoming.St. is best known in the industry for stockpiling TLD’s (top level domains) and offering them to the public on a “name your own price” basis to allow smaller investors a better chance to compete in the lucrative aftermarket. For more info, please visit

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