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Launching Your Next Website


By Derek Iwasiuk
June 06, 2006

St. Petersburg, FL - Backorders,, offers a complimentary resource portal displaying directory listed domain names about to expire from Yahoo & DMOZ.

Daily results of permanent and paid inclusion listings provide online marketers with current information for referencing. Inclusive data also contains Alexa traffic rank and history. Domain names are provided in a clean table display featuring the 100 newest results for webmasters to reference each day.

Backorders is unique from similar websites by omitting regional, local and country domains in exchange for potential hire traffic backordering of an expiring domain name. Personal categories also are not featured in the results and icons are posted next to each listing of the respective directory you may find it at before backordering.

Applicable uses of the service are beneficial to businesses and individuals interested in adsensing content, harnessing existing traffic for a current website, affiliate marketing, or creation of a new portal. Backordering of an existing domain provides entrepreneur's in these industries a cost effective means of rapid acquisition of new customers.

DMOZ Directory Background:
DMOZ is a human edited directory maintained by volunteers, therefore new submission updates are based solely on the discretion of the editor. Many search engines utilize DMOZ for backup results to supplement their listings. Webmasters if approved may have to wait anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple years to see results which makes the backordering of a related listed domain name beneficial to many individuals and companies for enhancing an online marketing campaign.

Yahoo Directory Background:
Yahoo is a human edited directory managed by staff members. They charge a fee for consideration to list your website in the directory. Yahoo is the number one visited website on the Internet today according to The directory is browsed by millions of people each day looking for categories to shop or reference of interest.

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