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600 Blog Portal Domain Names on Sale on eBay


By Derek Iwasiuk
June 13, 2006

Orlando, FL, USA - The world’s largest and most comprehensive blog portal domain name portfolio is being offered on more than 350 auctions currently underway on eBay. The portfolio owned by Blog Spot Network includes business / industry blog portals, city blog portals, city news portals, real estate blog portals, and travel blog portals.

Business Blogging

Business is entering a new era of blog marketing and public relations that will forever change the way they communicate with consumers. Business blogs will also change how better informed consumers make their future buying decisions. Blogs provide all businesses with the highest possible level of personalized “business to consumer” dialogue and communication that has never been available before.

eBay recently announced that they will be offering members an “eBay blog” to more personalize the auction format, and to allow for more inner active communications with potential buyers.

A Google news search on “business blogs” will reveal many current stories on the growing popularity and the future of business blogging.

City Social / Business Blog Portals

City blogs are today’s equivalent of the local phone book on steroids. Just as the phone book has listings for local residents, city blogs will have a searchable database of all members. Once you find the person you are searching for, you will then be linked to their own personal blog. The amount of personal information that is contained on their blog will be up to them, they control the process.

Just as the local phone has a Business Yellow Pages, a city blog will have a directory of local business blogs. These businesses will pay a fee for their business blog on the city blog, just as they pay for their ad in the Yellow Pages today.

The City Blog Business Directory will provide these businesses with an advertising blog that is truly vertical, that allows for unlimited informational content and easy editing, that can include an online catalog complete with pricing and photos, a restaurant’s menu complete with streaming video of the interior and the dishes they offer, or a builder who’s blog includes downloadable floor plans and specs complete with 360 video of models. The business will be able to take questions and comments at the blog, they will announce special offers and sales, and most importantly establish a direct line of inner active communication with consumers.

The business blog directory will have an internal search engine that will make it easy to find any business, product, or service with the entry of a couple of keywords and a click of the mouse. Much easier than letting you fingers do the walking!

What’s the cost factor for all of this premier and inner active exposure? It is just a fraction of the cost of an outdated Yellow Pages ad.

Local Search

City Blog Portals uniquely provide the local search venues and advertising platforms that search engine and media companies such as Google®, Yahoo®, MSN, and AOL® are desperately trying to develop today. These internet giants need to look no further than the Blog Spot Network of city blog portals!

Internet Savvy Consumers

If your business doesn’t have a viable web presence, then it is invisible and thereby nonexistent to millions of internet savvy consumers who exclusively use the internet to research and purchase products and services. Will they find your business?

Online Advertising Rises to $12.5 Billion

The dramatic shift of advertising budgets to the internet resulted in a total of 12.5 B of online advertising in 2005. With this move to the internet, came the need for effective venues for these advertisers. City Blog Spot Portals will become the perfect venue for businesses of all sizes to effectively reach and retain the millions of consumers searching online for local products and services each and every month.

The Power of a 600 Blog Portal Network

Networks of this size enjoy the many benefits and power of inner linking 600 blog portals and the resulting ever changing massive amount of content that gets indexed with search engines producing superior positioning.

When the owners of the “Blog Spot Network Portfolio” decided to sell this one of a kind network, they were committed to keeping the entire portfolio intact to maximize its ongoing marketing power. The size of the network and its potential future is simply too large for any single owner. A network of this size needs many owners who independently but collectively maintain the power of the world’s largest future blog network.

The buyer of any Blog Spot Network Blog, must agree in writing to inner link to all other Blog Spot Blog Portals, to, and to contribute to the optimization and promotion of in the future. will be hub and directory for this network and wholly owned and operated by the owners of the blogs in this network. Upon the sale of the last remaining blog, Blog Spot Network will be transferred to the Blog Spot Owners Association. This “condition of sale” on this and all future sales of all blogs will insure that the tremendous benefits and power of this network will benefit one and all forever.

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