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Reasons To Buy And Sell Domain Names And How To Get Started


By Derek Iwasiuk
June 23, 2006, a domain portfolio and services company, has published an exhaustive "Why buy domains" list of reasons to invest in domain names. They also offer thousands of keyword related domains for sale and free consulting services to help get domain entrepreneurs started in business.

Rob Sequin, owner of published this list after many years of buying and selling domains. "The domain sales market has exploded this year so we wanted to capture and share the many reasons that investors and entrepreneurs are actively buying and selling domains in this unique marketplace.

Why Buy Domains

Advertising Revenue: If you will be providing content on your site, you would be considered a publisher. Publishers make money by selling name brand products and services that are related to the site's content. Commission Junction offers thousands of advertisers that want to offer products and services on your site.

Brand: Develop your new domain name to feature your brand name products or services. All domain names are unique but there are only so many good ones relevant to your interests.

Competition: Buy related domain names so your competition can't use them for their benefit and/or against you. What if they bought the domain names that you are thinking about buying? You may NEVER have the opportunity to own them ever again. And now the domains that you once liked are now being used to against you. Don't look back someday and regret not buying the domain names you want.

Content: Use your new domain name for a blog, hobby site, specialty ecommerce site, community information, photo sharing, friends and family networking and more.

Cost Effective: Your cost is primarily the purchase price of the domain name. Annual renewal fees are less than $10 per year.

Credibility: Show your visitors that you are serious about your content. Build sites or park pages on good domain names and be proud of the domain names you own. If you are opening an online business, start with a good domain name. Show your visitors/customers that you are serious about your online venture and, in a few years, the domain will probably appreciate in value even if your business does not take off.

Direct Navigation: This occurs when an end user types YourDomainName.extension into their browser directly without even searching to find your site. Many of our keyword-specific domains are enjoy Direct Navigation.

Email: Use your new domain name to host email addresses. Create and use email addresses like e-mail protected from spam botsension or e-mail protected from spam botsension. You will never have to change your email address again because your email provider/ISP changed.

Ecommerce: Build a storefront and sell your home made salsa or arts and crafts. Point your domain name to your eBay® seller's page and then give it out to potential customers. A domain name is much easier to put on a business card or advertisement in a newspaper or magazine than a crazy eBay® seller's list or storefront.

Express Yourself: What do you have to say? Build a political blog site, review the latest electronic gadgets or offer gardening tips. Tell the people what's good and bad in the world.

...and that's just to the letter E. Visit

If you would like to get started investing in domains, visit to read more and review their domain portfolio sorted into twenty one categories and thirty domain keyword portfolios for sale. also offers a domain buyer broker service should you find a domain you like from a different owner.

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