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Englishman Finds Gold in the United States


By Derek Iwasiuk
June 26, 2006

Boulder, CO - As internet marketing and advertising revenue explodes Bill Roy, an English domainer, predicts the evolution of what are called ‘ccTLD’s (country code Top Level Domains). ‘I realized that people are not stupid, as many domainers think, people know and use abbreviations every day of their lives, to them the suffix on the end of an internet address is just an abbreviation, make it logical to the domain name and people will come to it and associate with it!’

At the moment Roy has up for sale 28 US State domain names like ‘Texas.St’ with, each of the State domain names is suffixed by .St, the ccTLD for Sao Tome and Principe, two small islands in the South Atlantic. ‘Roy has found an internet gold mine’ says Rever Thabiti, VP Sales and Marketing at ‘he has acquired a portfolio of domains based on marketing logic, abbreviations that people already use and are therefore accept automatically. With over 150 million Americans regularly using the internet these ‘State’ domains have a ready made customer user base which already use the .St abbreviation for ‘State’! Each State domain is like opening a store on every main Street in a State and knowing that from 500,000 to 20,000,000 people identify with the website and are waiting to come through your doors – and of course this is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.’

Beth Loehrke, Senior Account Manager and Media Spokesperson for comments ‘The investors in domain names are increasingly coming from those that traditionally invested in real estate, these investors have realized that domains are a much safer investment as there are no maintenance costs and no risk of property damage. These investors are looking for investment opportunities on the ground floor, and that is exactly what is on offer here. We realize the early sales are going to be at or just above the opening bid prices, but when a few States are gone we are confident that the remaining States will at least triple the opening bid value. Of course the ‘big one’ in this batch is Texas.St, a population of over 20 million and the eighth largest economy in the world, if it is not amongst the first 2 or 3 to sell then watch it sky rocket, it will go like a newly drilled oil gusher.’

The advantages of using an appropriate domain name for an online business is now well established, and geographic domain names are amongst the most highly prized ecommerce domains available. Recent publicly recorded sales of geographic domains shows the escalating trend in these domain values as there importance has been recognised ( - $45,450; - $123,000; $150,000; - $159,500; - $175,000; - $250,000; and - $550,000) and even the illogical non-dotcoms are also soaring ( selling for $22,864 and selling for $30,000).

‘The most relevant of these sales is, besides being the most recent Malta is smaller both in population and economically than any of the States, that is why we have valued the ‘State.St’ domains at an opening bid value of $250,000, the exception of course being ‘Texas.St’ which because of its huge population and economy we have started at $500,000’ says Beth Loehrke. ‘We are anticipating the 28 State domains to actually total an eight figure sum due to their pre-eminent strong economic, social, and political position in the market place.’

So will there be a newly recognised suffix in common use in the next few months or years? No, says Bill Roy ‘we will see the evolution of the net and domain names, dotcom will for the foreseeable future be ‘generally’ No. 1, but where a logical suffix is appropriate and available then these will in many cases supersede the dotcom in popularity very quickly.’

The State domains being auctioned are: Arizona.St, Colorado.St, .Georgia.St, Hawaii.St, Illinois.St, Iowa.St, Kansas.St, Kentucky.St, .Louisiana.St, Maryland.St, .Massachusetts.St, .Michigan.St,
Minnesota.St, Mississippi.St, Nevada.St, NewJersey.St, NewMexico.St, NorthCarolina.St, Ohio.St, Oklahoma.St, Oregon.St, .Pennsylvania.St, .RhodeIsland.St, SouthDakota.St, Texas.St,Utah.St, Vermont.St and Wyoming.St.

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