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Local Search and Direct Navigation Creates Boom for Localized Domain Names


By Derek Iwasiuk
June 28, 2006

San Diego, CA - Recent national periodicals have profiled domain names as a crucial component for a company’s web identity and also emphasized the existing and growing value of generic, keyword-targeted, and type-in domain names equating them to premium web real estate.

The Direct Navigation Industry numbers are eye-opening. The advertising market for Direct Navigation, or “type-in traffic” (refers to Internet visitors who type an address directly into their web browser address bar, bypassing search engines), will reach $1 billion by 2007.

Google states that search results pages, as a whole, represent only 5% of the Internet. Thus, owning a keyword-targeted domain offers a business an additional advantage to search results or page rank alone. In addition, other data suggests that between 67% and up to 86% of online consumers reach websites through Direct Navigation, and are twice more likely to make a purchase than those coming from search engines.

In addition to Direct Navigation, many businesses, including major search engines, are launching strategies for the exploding online local business market estimated to reach $13 billion by 2010.

Typed-In, Inc. a domain portfolio company is way ahead of the pack with its unique strategy of having amassed one of the largest portfolios of geo-targeted and keyword-specific domain names within multiple verticals in most major U.S. cities. Typed-In leases domains to local businesses and national companies with an emphasis on what they sell and service, where they sell and service it to create and/or supplement their existing presence on the web and generate the most highly targeted and qualified leads.

Typed-In portfolio domain examples, such as “,” “,” and “” are what consumers are directly looking for, that is a non-branded local product or service, rather than the name of a specific company. Such exclusive domains are considered the purest and most targeted form of traffic.

“Direct Navigation is highly valuable web real estate that equates to a one-of-a-kind opportunity for a company’s competitive advantage,” says Jim Gossett, Co-Founder of Typed-In. “As organic listings, or page rank, and traffic from search engines vary over time, our keyword-specific domains are a crucial complement to search engine strategies. Unlike other forms of traditional media, a generic and descriptive domain name is available 24/7 to web visitors actively looking for that specific local product or service. Direct navigation takes the guesswork out of picking the most effective keywords as it is driven by the market itself, that is, the keywords end users are typing in.”

About Typed-In
Typed-In is a leader in the Direct Navigation market offering businesses invaluable web real estate with one of the largest portfolios of keyword-driven generic geo-targeted domain names within specific vertical markets. Typed-In domains are an effective complement to other print and online media strategies, and enables businesses to increase sales and marketing efficiencies by delivering them the most highly targeted and qualified leads.



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