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United States Of America 28 State Domain Names Are For Sale


By Derek Iwasiuk
July 03, 2006

Taking a new approach,, an Internet Web-Address Company who is best known in the industry for leveling the playing field to allow smaller investors easier access into the lucrative domain, has gone the extra mile in the sale of “St domain name extensions. The domain name ‘” has been made into a fully operating website so that entrepreneurs can see the value immediately of owning a site associated with an entire state.

Blaire Fanning, a marketing profession in Florida commented, “They are basically not only selling a cutting edge domain name, but having out the entire business plan> One glance at the site” show that all anyone would have to do is contact any business, school, agency, event, anything, and just charge a nominal yearly fee to be listed – and they are up and running with a profitable a long term business.”

This “Robin Hood” style approach has generated so much interest that is now the selected sponsor for the brand new USA State Domains or USA Geographic Web-Addresses currently being offered for sale. If you cannot afford to invest in Internet Real Estate right now, this news may give you some ideas. now requires all its seller clients to pay a mandatory 10% referral fee to anyone who sends a buyer. This means that you or anyone (even if flat broke) can instantly earn over $50,000 just because they referred a person, maybe your boss, who buys the State of Texas, www.Texas.St or $25,000 for the State of Hawaii, www.Hawaii.St.

“Today, both Physical Space and Cyber Space = Real Estate” says Rever Thabiti, Sr. VP Sales & Mktg. for He adds, “The difference is, unlike buying physical space, any size budget from $6 to $20 million can own a piece of cyberspace. Another difference that’s all too appealing to traditional real estate investors is that there are no floods, hurricanes, fires, tornados and earthquakes to damage your property in cyberspace. These qualities of low cost, less fear and worry-free maintenance hassles have caught the attention of all types of investors both large and small.”

“Another attraction to Cyberspace investing is that it expands our capabilities not found in physical space such as the ability to create a storefront Web-Address that’s always open and performs thousands of trans-actions while you sleep at night.” Says Beth Loehrke, media spokesperson for “Cyberspace is the only place where a single individual can have a huge global impact without needing personal qualifications or needing to own a newspaper or TV station. Then, add the appreciation value always associated with owning any valuable property and it becomes obvious why the investor markets are moving so quickly in this direction. Industry experts now tell us that the Empire State Building, or would each list for the same price if they were put on the market for sale today.” she added.

Thabiti says, “Many new investors prefer cyberspace because it also ignores your race, religion, gender, education or criminal background. It is the absolute loophole for those who need to find a place where the playing field is the most leveled and where one can compete fairly in today’s market without regard to all of the prejudices found throughout physical space. People with a variety of physical handicap limitations (including old age) operate many successful businesses online.” He also says, “Poor people can not afford good legal defense and are victimized forever by a corrupt system after receiving a conviction.” Our society does not offer positive incentives for people to redeem themselves for immature mistakes. We are committed to do everything we can to prove that anyone can still succeed in cyberspace when society has turned its back on you.”

Loehrke adds, “The growing acceptance of Internet Real Estate values is causing advantages to those who use to be considered as unfortunate or disadvantaged, this is not the case any more.” To find out more, please visit or call 720-987-5252.

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