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UAEnic announces domain name registration for 50 years


By Derek Iwasiuk
July 13, 2006

Dubai - UAEnic (United Arab Emirates Network Information Centre ) recently announced the launch of a very long term registration of 50 years for Domain name under .ae. The launch of the 50 year domain name registration is the latest in a series of initiative taken by UAEnic to encourage companies and individuals in the UAE to register their domain names.

The associated problems of losing the website and mails not being delivered is a frequent outcome resulting from an expired domain name. Paying a one time fee for a longer registration period will solve all such issues.

Both local as well as multinational companies can now register their domain name through UAEnic .The registration policy which has been put in place is backed by a strong legal framework to protect the rights of customers .UAEnic has also put in place a strong dispute resolution policy endorsed by WIPO(World Intellectual Property Organisation) with regard to any potential issues .

The number of domain names registered locally in the UAE has also seen a steep increase indicating the awareness of local community in the UAE towards the benefits of registering their domain names. The number of domain names has registered an increase of 166 % in 2005 compared to the same period in 2002. The increase also reflects the rapid development of the UAE which has been a strong advocate of the Internet as part of its national strategy.

According to Abdulla Hashim, Manager, UAEnic, "It is very important to protect client intellectual property rights in terms of their digital identity. With the help of the 50 year domain name registration period, customers will be able to prevent the domain name from expiring in addition to getting a highly discounted rate."

UAEnic also offers long registration periods of 3 and 10 years for other categories such as,,, and so that organizations who have these domain names can keep their domain names for a longer period.



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