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By Derek Iwasiuk
July 18, 2006

Scott Alliy, an Internet Marketing Veteran and owner of over 500 websites including and has unvelied a list of domain name buying tips.

According to Scott, "experience has proven that when it comes to doing business on the Internet choosing multiple related domain names have a dramatic impact on the quality and quantity of website traffic and business profitability".

Scott advises Internet business owners to first do a keyword search for terms related to your business product or service or website purpose. Second to search for domain names that exactly match or closely resemble your business purpose. For example Scott says you if your website is for a used car business in houston the ideal domain name would be In the event that domain name is already in use alternative domain names would include,, and so on.

Taking this one step further you might wish to also register related domain names like, and so on.

There are several ways to find domain names in cluding searching a domain name search engine like You might pay more for names located on Domain name search engines but the names on such websites have been researched and found to be of significant value and attractiveness saving you the time and expense of doing the research yourself.

In summary, Scott advises Internet business owners to research their niche and choose multiple domain names that consumers or their target audience will relate to when thinking of their business or website purpose. Scott also reminds Internet business owners that there is no limit to the number of domain names that they can own and that each name does not need a separate website instead all names can be redirected to one website providing multiple points of entry for interested Internet users.

Allied Internet Solutions Inc. ( is a Houston based consulting firm that owns and operates over 400 Internet properties including,,, and AIS offers a free consultation to small and medium businesses in need of web design or development or Internet marketing services.

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