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Great Real Estate And Mortgage Domain Names Still Exist, Expert Claims


By Derek Iwasiuk
July 19, 2006

Great and memorable real estate domain names are still available accdording to Scott Alliy owner of over 500 domain names and creator.

Scott who is President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston based internet consulting firm advises his clients that a meaningful and memorable domain name can make or break their online business.

Too often says Scott businesses that adopt an internet presence are misled by thinking that their name has to be unique and or contain their namesake. Branding is an important factor in choosing a domain name according to Scott but equally important is to realize that Internet surfers are accustomed to using search terms and that having a domain name that resembles or closely resembles a search term relating to your business is equally as important.

For example might be your company name but chances are that the domain name is already taken and that there are probably hundreds of JonesRealty companies in the country where as might better describe your business and be more likely to be typed in to an internet users browser.

Scott uses another good business example when helping clients choose a great domain name or names for their Internet website. Says Scott when you look for a plumber unless you know a friend or are referred you generally go to a directory either print or elcetronic version and type or look for the word plumbing. In this example says scott it would be better to have a domain name like instead of since customers are not buying your name but instead are looking for the service that you provide. Let them find you first and then etch your company name into their minds by providing good service adds Scott.

In summary Scott says you should consider a domain name or names that relate to what you do and not who you are if you wish to attract the greatest number of Internet surfers.

Internet individuals and business are invited to shop through hundreds of great dotcom domain names that are currehntly available in the Real Estate, mortgage industries as well as many other categories on the domain name search engine

About the company: Allied Internet Solutions Inc. is an Internet consulting firm based in Houston Texas. They specialize in website design and development as well as Internet business consulting. AIS is the creator of poular niche market directories including and

For more information, contact Helen Alliy, Director, Allied Internet Solutions Inc., 800 349-1935.

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