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New Domain Name Brokerages Use Creative, Cutting Edge Programming


By Derek Iwasiuk
August 28, 2006

Creative programming is making a big difference in two new domain name brokerage sites developed by a couple of Oregonians. Combining four years of experience in buying and selling domains with PHP and Javascript programming, they create "the perfect listing sites". These two websites utilize advanced programming with an emphasis on security, smooth functionality, and openness to the suggestions of site visitors.

The first is - a general category domain site. The second focuses on domain names with a virtual reality and virtual tour theme: A few more industry domain sites are soon to follow. They prefer the title "domain listing service" because of their free listing, no commissions, and a number of economical promotional services.

One of their inventive programming breakthroughs allows a domain seller to add thousands of names into the site database, with no special technical skill. The domains are almost instantly reflected on the website.

They call their system ADAM - for Advanced Domain Adding Manager. A test of the system added over 4500 domains in about 90 seconds without bogging down the server.

The system is foolproof and will not let duplicates, invalid domains, or domains already in the database slip through. A detailed report shows how many and which domains were added, as well as which domains were not, and why. A detailed report is e-mailed to the member.

For efficiency and ease, every ADAM user has their own file and a customized management system in the member account. Not only for editing and resubmissions, it is useful for keeping records.

Chris, the mastermind and webmaster of the two sites, is excited about ADAM. "The beauty of ADAM is it eliminates a lot of work. It is a real chore to handle large numbers of domains, both for the domain owner and the brokerage. We have big plans for ADAM as far as even more advanced bulk editing. We are constantly working on ways to improve the sites to make them even easier and more powerful."

They have a unique domain search that is extremely flexible. Chris says, "Big brokerages like Sedo and Afternic have some great advanced search, but they can’t search in multiple categories, TLDs, or keywords in a single search. This saves a lot of time."

This flexible tool is used in other ways, too. With the search applied to the seller’s own domains, locating specific names takes only seconds from even the largest portfolio.

"The goal was to eliminate looking through long lists and the guesswork of endless pagination," says Chris. "Our system makes editing the price, category, or description fast and easy – either individually or in bulk." He feels that "more flexibility in domain management puts sellers more in control of the domain marketing process."

Their Deluxe Featured Sellers Listing is another example of creative use of their domain search. It is a lot like having a private domain website - showing a seller’s own domains with the search applied to their names only. This, plus their own categories, banner, a unique URL, and home page exposure.

Chris says this about the Sellers Listing: "It is designed for domain owners who have no website of their own to display their large domain holdings - or those with sites, but no advanced search." Featured Seller comes in Standard and Deluxe with plans for future adaptations.

Some other interesting site features include a private buyer/seller exchange for anonymous communication and offers/counter offers. It even allows buyers and sellers to exchange contact info, which is an advantage of a no-commission policy.

A streamlined, no-nonsense logic pervades both DotComerica and VRtechDomains with home page and category featured domains, featured sellers, domain appraisals, and a who-is search. Qualified tech support provides receptive and helpful assistance. Their get-to-the-point approach saves domainers a lot of time when getting down to the purpose of the sites: selling domain names.

For more information, visit the two sites at: – for all categories of domains – for domain names with a virtual reality and virtual tour theme.



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