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pcNames Domain Search Rebuilds All Tools


By Derek Iwasiuk
September 26, 2006

The search engine allows users to view all domains which are available, deleted, expired, or pre-release containing a word and optionally search through them with up to 8 keywords. The list is sorted by a uniquely designed ranking algorithm, which scores each name using more than 25 factors. With this technology pcNames is able to show the very best domains first for every tool.

One of the other main improvements is the accuracy. With the ever changing domain market keeping an accurate list of registered domains is no easy task. After years of research and combined effort, is able to keep their results over 95% accurate at any time.

To help users through the searching process pcNames now offers suggestions for each search such as related terms, spelling suggestions, or tips. For example, when searching for ‘car’ the system also uses ‘cars’ and then shows the following related terms: auto, van, truck, automobile, ride. The user can then search using any or all of the suggestions along with their current keyword. And if the user searches for something that is not a word, example ‘laon’, the system suggests ‘loan’ while still giving results for ‘laon’.

With the industry growing at over one million per month, shorter character domains are becoming harder to find. After many requests, pcNames has implemented a 4 character search in addition to the current 3 character and dictionary searches, making it easier to find short meaningful domain names.

pcNames has linked with many of the popular registrars to make it easy for anyone to purchase a domain found. After selecting a domain a menu will appear allowing users to choose their registrar to purchase as they normally do. “pcNames makes it very easy to find and register domain names thanks to its simple navigation structure and integration with registrars and expired domain services.” – DomainNameWire

This free domain search engine can be found at ( For additional information or to schedule an interview, contact Chris Richmond at (

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