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New Domain Management Software Designed to Help Internet Marketers Boost Profits


By Derek Iwasiuk
October 06, 2006

Gungho Technologies, LLC announces the release of Domain Dashboard, a new multiple domain management software program that allows users to effortlessly manage all of their websites, while keeping track of everything from pages indexed to keywords, and while freeing up more time to generate revenue.

“I originally developed Domain Dashboard for my own personal use,” said Jared Croslow, software creator and owner of Gungho Technologies, LLC. “You see, I create hundreds of websites each and every month and as the number of my websites increased, keeping track of all the related website statistics, FTP and login details and other domain data just became too much. It got to the point where it seemed like I was spending all of my time on these tedious tasks instead of on growing my business.”

“Domain Dashboard was my attempt to better manage my burgeoning Internet empire … and it worked perfectly,” Croslow continued. “In fact, this domain management software program became such an essential part of my business that I thought, ‘Why should I be the only one to get to take advantage of it?’ So I decided to add even more beneficial features to it and make it available to other entrepreneurs and webmasters worldwide.”

Domain Dashboard’s many features include: works with both WHM Accounts and cPanel Accounts; automatically pulls all add-on and subdomain details from a server; lists all servers, domains and subdomains in tree view; tracks backlink and pagerank stats; filters stats and exports stats to a multi-page Excel file; creates domain reports and statistical charts which can be saved as PDF files; boasts a keyword manager that associates a keyword list with a domain; determines if a site is ranked in the top 50 results for any terms in a particular keyword list; grabs keywords and keyword phrases from awstats and automatically adds them to a keyword list; can create in mass add-on domains and subdomains; automatically sets up FTP access for all domains; allows users to access domain files with the click of a mouse; boasts mass FTP with Auto CHMOD; and much more.

Through its many features, this domain management software allows users to: improve their search engine rankings; create hundreds of domain accounts at one time with the push of a button; manage all their WHM and cPanel accounts from one control panel; have all their domain information automatically entered; automatically login to all of their WHM accounts and domain cPanels with the click of a mouse; see the overall health of their Internet Empire at any moment; spend less time checking traffic statistics; automatically know when and how many pages are indexed for all of their websites; keep track of when search engine spiders visit their websites; and much more.

“This domain management software delivers everything Internet marketers need to quickly and easily automate their websites, streamline their business, and maximize their profits,” Croslow said.

To learn more about Domain Dashboard -- as well as to view sample screen shots and power-packed video demos -- or to purchase the software, please visit (



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