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UWB and Ultrawideband Domain Names for Sale on eBay


By Derek Iwasiuk
October 12, 2006 has announced the auction listings of a select number of its generic UWB Ultrawideband domains. After preliminary inquiries to ultrawideband industry players and investors were deemed satisfactory, the decision was made to offer a select number of UWB domains for sale at auction featuring reasonable starting bids and without reserve prices.

"Our email exchanges and phone conversations with potential end users encouraged us to list a group of generic, "type in" ultrawideband domains for sale on eBay." said Rob Sequin, portfolio owner and domain manager of

Any one of these domains could be used by any company developing UWB products, services or applications for UWB wireless networking technology.

Benefits to Players in this industry include the ability to capture pre-qualified leads with these direct navigation domains. When a person types in a UWB related domain, s/he could be a potential customer, partner, investor or even journalist looking for an industry source.

All the domains and links to the live auction listings at eBay can be found at

This is a sample of some of the listings of domains for sale with starting prices. All are no reserve auctions. - $5000 - $1000
Ultrawideband.NET - $5000 - $1000 $2000 and .org $1000 and - $2000 and - $1000 and and - $2000 - $1000 and - $2000 AND AND - $1000 and and AND and - $2000

Ultrawideband aka "UWB" will replace Bluetooth wireless technology and eventually replace many cables connecting home entertainment devices and office electronics like DVD players, DVRs, video game consoles, HDTVs, printers, scanners, wireless USB and more. Ultrawideband technology can also be used for ground and wall penetrating radar to find disaster victims, landmines and even buried treasure. Eventually video, data and voice will all travel over UWB.

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