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Dot MOBI Registrations Are Go Daddy Going!


By Derek Iwasiuk
November 02, 2006 is emerging as a leader again—this time in the mobile Web revolution. Just last week, registered more than 65 percent of .MOBI domain names worldwide and overall has registered more than one-third of those domain names.

“We’re really happy to be working with an Internet leader like Go Daddy,” said Neil Edwards, CEO of Mobile Top Level Domain, Ltd. (dotMobi), the company that oversees the domain. “From the beginning, Bob Parsons understood the power of the mobile Web and these sales show Go Daddy is getting that message across.”

What is .MOBI? It’s the first top-level domain dedicated to delivering the Internet to mobile devices. It’s designed to give users made-for-mobile content and services. Pages designed for .MOBI don’t try to squeeze a 17-inch display onto a 2-inch screen. Instead, a .MOBI site limits graphics and content, reducing long download times and excessive scrolling. Additionally, in the past users had no way of knowing the exact URL for the mobile version of a Web site—and now .MOBI changes that.

The outlook for the mobile data services industry is an estimated $112 billion by 2008, according to IDC research. And research outlined in a dotMobi fact sheet says a recent survey shows 90 percent of consumers would use mobile Internet services if pages would load faster and they wouldn’t incur high costs from mobile carriers.

“We’re pleased with the success of dot mobi,” said Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of “With millions of wireless phones worldwide, the mobile Web is a huge market. We knew that long ago and put the infrastructure in place to help our customers wanting to join the dot mobi revolution. They can count on Go Daddy’s low prices and 24/7 customer support to get there.”

The introduction of .MOBI provides a new avenue for news and entertainment content delivery, social networking and e-commerce. Go Daddy is helping customers get in the .MOBI game through a combination of products and services–like WebSite Tonight® and MobileMail–designed to tap the potential of the mobile Web expansion.

For more information about .MOBI registration and services through, visit
For more information about the.MOBI top-level domain and the company that controls it, visit

Go Daddy is a leading provider of services that enable individuals and businesses to establish, maintain and evolve an online presence.
Go Daddy provides a variety of domain name registration and Web site hosting services, as well as a broad array of on-demand and other services. The Go Daddy Group, Inc. has more than 16.6 million domain names under management. is the world's No. 1 domain name registrar according to Name Intelligence, Inc. is also rated the world's largest hostname provider according to Netcraft® Ltd. During the first half of 2006, The Go Daddy Group registered approximately one-third of all domain names registered in the top five generic top-level domains, or gTLDs, including .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info.

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