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By Derek Iwasiuk
November 07, 2006, a leading provider of the Internet geo-location software and services for the e-commerce industry, has released two new databases with connection speed information, DB13 and DB14, and also with Time Zone information, DB11 and DB12, into the IP2Location’s award-winning product series.

IP2Location(TM) is a database product that enables Web sites to identify the geographic location and Internet domain name of their visitors by using only IP addresses. The database is used to match an incoming IP (internet protocol) address to the country, region, state, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, Internet service provider (ISP) and domain name of the Internet users.

By knowing the location of visitors in real time, Web sites can display localized content, server bandwidth balancing, improve click-throughs and sales, prevent Internet fraud, and implement many other solutions. For the advertising and marketing industry, learning your Web visitor’s origin enables you to offer unique banners to increase hits rate and ROI, customize marketing messages, redirect visitors to appropriate Web pages, display native language, or manage digital rights.

For e-business Web sites, the IP2Location(TM) database is crucial to identify suspicious Internet orders to reduce charge-backs, avoid orders from high risk countries, display native currency on order forms, and calculate correct tax fees based on country and regions.

"We have been using IP2Location for more than 3 years. We are happy with services and the ability to target location-aware messages directly to consumers," said Danny Wong, vice president of IIA Advertising Inc. "With IP2Location’s technology, we can better understand who and how people use our Web sites and then, in turn, offer advertisers the ability to deliver specific marketing messages to specific groups of consumers based on location."

The IP2Location(TM) database contains more than 3 million records to cover all valid IP addresses. It has over 95 percent matching accuracy at the country level. Available from US$49 per year, the database is available via immediate download bundled with free twelve monthly updates. Database is in ease-to-use ASCII text format and compatible with major database systems including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, IBM DB2 and others. Free demo is available online at


Founded in 2001, ( provides Internet intelligence services to online businesses.’s products provide the geographic location of Web site visitors in real-time, enabling businesses to display localized content, bandwidth balancing, improve click-throughs and sales, prevent fraud, conduct site analysis and foster regulatory compliance. With over 1000 industry leading customers, is the geolocation market leader.’s main headquarters is located in Penang, Malaysia, with regional sales office located in Florida, United States.

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it The company can be reached by fax at +1-941-240-2105, by email at [email protected], and on the Web at

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