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Online Auctions Announced for Niche Personals Sites


By Derek Iwasiuk
November 27, 2006 goes on the eBay auction block. Also being auctioned are 55 niche dating domain names, including:,,,, and Auction ends Dec. 4 at 4:05 PM.

Barring frigid winds and holiday stampedes, some folks are hoping to score that extra Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3. Why the need for two of Wii? No doubt some holiday shoppers are hoping to supplement their holiday income through auctioning off an extra gaming console. And while perusing eBay why not skip the Wal-Mart crowds all together. Besides, there are great gift ideas on the internet that never reach a brick and mortar.

For starters, ( has just begun a bidding auction on eBay ( And if there are no baby boomers in the family who retain a fondness for the "if you remember, you were never there" era, then consider giving that young entrepreneur home for the holidays a start-up business that would be, well, nothing short of fun to pursue.

hippiePersonals, an internet singles site with about 1850 members, is for sale this holiday season. Internet dating, no doubt at its apex due to the popularity of social networking sites, such as MySpace, peaks into the narrow world of niche personals. Also being auctioned in conjunction with hippiePersonals are 55 dating-themed domain names, in which a diverse variety of niche singles sites can be built. These include domains such as,,,,, and You'll have to check out the auction to review the complete list of domains up for grabs.

The people who use use hippiePersonals seem to be a diverse cross-section, from poets residing in the outback of Australia, to 20 year old Wiccans traveling through Eugene, Oregon, to Vietnam Veterans hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. Refreshingly, the database is routinely purged so as to remove those stale profiles of users which never seem to log in.

New and renewing memberships gross about $100-$350 per month. During the month of November '06 the highest number of hits on a given day was 15,127 and the highest number of visits on a given day was 1,019. is dmoz listed and is the first site returned when performing Google searches using the following search terms: "progressive personals," "hippie personals," "hippie singles," "hippie dating," "hippy dating," "hippy singles," and "hippy personals."

So, turn on, tune in, and drop into the eBay auction of hippiePersonals + 55 dating-themed domains.

If you are not quick to bid this opportunity to build-a-business may pass you by. Auction ends December 4th 2006 at 4:05 PM.



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