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A $10 Million Domain May Influence Upcoming Elections


By Derek Iwasiuk
December 04, 2006

Every little advantage can impact the outcome of an election. This intrinsic domain is no little advantage, but potentially a mammouth one. A Philadelphia business man holds ownership to an intrinsinc domain name that can decide which party controls.

Snooze and you lose. When it comes to gaining an advantage he who moves last loses. Yesteryear when telephones and the technology associated with reaching thousands even millions of potential voters was employed the candidates that harnessed those resources won their elections. The computer is the new phone, and with the do not call list, and the turnoff factor of repeated calls for money and support, the internet has leaped into the forefront as a medium to reach, educate, and secure financial support from the voting public. The lessons that should have been learned for the Republicans and the Democrats is that you have to use every available resource available to reach the voters. If you don't your competitor will and you will pay the price and that price can be your job. was offered for sale prior to the recent Nov. election and it was offered at a considerable discount of only $250,000.00. This time, the stakes are higher and so is the asking price, $10,000,000. Intrinsic domain names such as have a strong advantage in ease of marketing. Every citizen wants to make the right vote and it is easy to remember and even easier to market to the general public. It will provide the owner with the opportuinty to promote whatever candidates or issues he or she wishes, and, it uses a meduim that is rivaling the television and printed news media while consolidating advertising resources for the entire party. It may have been overlooked before, but neither party can afford to overlook it now.

Internet domain names have been increasingly important to business owners and political interest alike. Take a look at what some of the major groups are doing such as AARP and others with regard to marketing their websites to influence voters. This is really a hot new venue and one that cannot be ignored because the voters are not ignoring it. Corporations and individuals that donate millions to various parties may want to consider this option of influence. You can go to for information on ownership and an opportunity to place your bid. Who will conttol this valuable internet real estate? Democrats, Republicans or your organization. will be sold and the party that has the foresight will control a valuable intrinsic domain name for many years to come. The Philadelphia owner of has indicated that once the right offer is made the sale will happen. "This can ba a marketing bonanza", quoted one source familar with the sale. "Once the sale takes place it will be big news nationally and that will get the ball rolling even faster. This was a great idea" History can be made by those that have the foresight.



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