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World's Largest Baby Boomers Domain Portfolio Will Be Released to the Public in 2007


By Derek Iwasiuk
December 19, 2006

The Boomers & Seniors World Network is releasing its Domain Portfolio of Baby Boomers, Boomers, and Seniors Domain names. The value of these domains continue to grow as businesses spend millions on marketing to the 78 million Baby Boomers. Over 300 niche targeted domains will be available in 2007.

"We knew years ago that the Baby Boomers and Young Seniors marketing phenomenon would be the HOT BUTTON in board rooms, sales meetings, and mlm strategies. Revlon, IBM, Ameriprise, Gap, ING, Cadillac, Harley Davidson and many more large corporations will spend a fortune on targeting the Boomers and Young Seniors. That is why we created over 300 Baby Boomer Domains," said Larry Eulenfeld, CEO Boomers Seniors World Network. (http:/www./

Along with their Boomers and Seniors City Sites, the marketing consultants over at Boomers & Seniors have been creating domain names that are targeted to niche markets that relate to the 78 Million Baby Boomers in America.

MSNBC has created The Boomer Nation just to keep up with the ever evolving Boomer Market. CBS, NBC, ABC all have special programing that is geared to the Boomers Health, Financial, Travel and Elder Care subjects. Commercials on TV are continuously playing the Beatles, Mamas & The Papas, and Stepenwolf to catch the boomer's eyes and ears.

"If you wanted to corner the market on the Boomers credit card market it would be a coup to own the name or If you were in the health industry the domain or would compliment and enhance your business sales.,,, immediately conjure up the exact products or services that businesses offer to the Baby Boomer which is very searchable and clickable."

"We are constantly getting calls from Internet developers wanting us to sell our and domain names to create an incredible Internet portal for the Millions of Boomers on the net. Every business category and service has been covered," Mr. Eulenfeld explained.

The company has also cornered the political Boomers market with domains such as,,,org., and so on. The persons or groups who own these domains could put these domains to work for fund raising and other endeavours.

Mr. Eulenfeld said: "We are extremely excited about the future of our Baby Boomer domains. We also own and That is how strong we believe in this market place. The Baby Boomer will be here for the next 30 to 40 years and they like to spend money. For those businesses who are cultivating the Boomer Market and wisely purchase these valuable domains, the future will be very prosperous."

The portfolio can be purchased in its entirety or by category. SEDO Inc will handle escrow and domain transfer. This is an incredible opportunity for Corporations and Service who are looking to gain the competitive edge in this hot market.

The Baby Boomers Domains can be viewed at

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