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DigitalTown Expands Its Social Network by Acquiring 8,000 Domains


By Derek Iwasiuk
January 12, 2007

BDC Capital, Inc. (OTCBB: BDCN), today said it had completed the acquisition of another 8,000 community spirit domain names in a major expansion of its DigitalTown social network portal. The portal, currently under construction, now is comprised of more than 30,000 spirit domains, a 36 percent increase from the previous number of 22,000.

The DigitalTown spirit domains, such as and, will provide a grassroots gateway to a nationwide network of thousands of communities. With the acquisition of these 8,000 domains, the portal now will be able to serve the boosters, students and alumni of 99 percent of communities formed around their towns and cities and the public, private and charter schools within them.

"DigitalTown's coast-to-coast, border-to-border social network has expanded enormously through the acquisition of these names," David R. Pomije, BDC Capital chief executive officer said. "The spirit sites provide communities and their schools with new ways to create energy and will make it possible for our company and its partners to give back to them."

High school students, athletes and competitors of all kinds, coaches, parents, volunteers and alumni will be drawn to this unique site simply by entering their high school name combined with its mascot in a dotcom format. Once there, they will be easily able to interact with each other and organize their activities.

At the grassroots level, allows community boosters, high school students and alumni an opportunity to connect with each other and to support their local schools and businesses. From their own "hometowns" -- i.e., -- local citizens and students can reach out to others who share their interests across the nationwide network. At the same time, people who have moved away from their hometowns can easily reconnect with former classmates, friends, neighbors and their former high schools as well.

BDC Capital began acquiring the spirit domains in 2004 as founder and chairman Richard Pomije kept his ears attuned to his hometown and his alma mater, Burnsville High School in Burnsville, Minnesota, where his father had served as principal and assistant superintendent. He acquired the domain name with the goal of building an online site for boosters, parents, students and alumni to support both the community and the high school. "The initial spark for the concept came from an active senior student," Richard Pomije said. "She triggered in me an idea of a way to help communities and schools through the people who are active in them and care about them."

As BDC acquired additional domains during the last two years, online social networks such as MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Linked In and other companies captured the imaginations of users around the country as a primary way to connect and communicate. The foundation for evolved as well. When completed, DigitalTown will serve as a unique modern-day superhighway, organically linking online thousands and thousands of grassroots communities whose users are passionate about their hometowns and their schools.

The DigitalTown portal will include features such as personalized email ([email protected]), alumni communication and reunion tools, chat, information about a wide range of high school activities such as music, drama and athletics, booster, calendar and meeting tools, personal profiles, photo, video and music sharing and timely community news.

About BDC Capital and DigitalTown
DigitalTown is a division of BDC Capital, Inc., based in Burnsville, MN, and is developing a social-networking community for high school alumni, boosters and students. Effective March 1, 2007, the name of the company will be changed to DigitalTown, Inc.



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