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Newsletter Service Launches for Websites and Domain Names for Sale


By Derek Iwasiuk
February 01, 2007

Website Auction Hub has recently announced the launch of their Newsletter service. This makes the website that features the largest collection of established websites, turnkey websites and domain names for sale even better. Now subscribers will never miss an investment opportunity again.

Website Auction Hub features a comfortable forum environment where users can discuss website and domain name auctions from all around the web. The innovative auction gathering service called the WAHbit, hops through other well-known sources of internet auctions and collects websites for sale thus creating a master reference list. The auctions are categorized in established websites for sale, turnkey websites for sale, and domain names for sale. This list will now be delivered directly to the subscriber's inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The front page displays auctions as an itemized list with some of the key features highlighted; this looks similar to what the News Letter looks like. Users may click on these items to look at the details and to share valuable insight with each other. Since most of the auctions don't actually take place on Website Auction Hub a truly free speech environment is created where users feel free to discuss all aspects of the website and the actual auction thread can be kept clean for the process of deal making.

Users can subscribe to three different newsletters. The most frequent is the daily newsletter, which features daily news updates and a list of all the new websites and domain names posted for sale for the day. The Weekly Newsletter features weekly news updates and a summarized list of the big movers for the week. Websites and domain names that got the most attention last week will be listed on top. The Monthly Newsletter gets sent out at the beginning of each month featuring news updates. It is meant to keep the users up to date on new developments in the community. Since Website Auction Hub is constantly improving their services, this proves very valuable.

Website Auction Hub has created a website that features the largest collection of websites from all around the web neatly digested into a friendly environment for both website buyers and sellers. It gives users a quick glance at the market where they can instantly find the hottest auctions and it creates a truly free speech environment for the exchange of auction insights.

Website Auction Hub ( was developed, maintained, and hosted by SoliTech GmbH (

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