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OpenDNS Makes the Address Bar Usable; Puts Internet Users in the Driver's Seat


By Derek Iwasiuk
April 23, 2007

In a move that will forever change the way people navigate the Internet, OpenDNS, the DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced the first-ever individual-controlled shortcuts that empower people to determine how the address bar in their Web browser behaves. OpenDNS users can now create shortcuts that let them leap straight to where they want to go on the Internet simply by typing something short and easy-to-remember straight into their Web browser's address bar.

In addition to saving time and effort, shortcuts help people navigate around Web sites they would prefer to avoid such as annoying and unfriendly Web browser error pages. A shortcut can be created to point to any location on the Internet. The possibilities for what people can do with the power of OpenDNS shortcuts is limitless.

"People have been trained to get around the Internet using add-ons and search engines, even when they know exactly where they want to go. That's because the address bar has failed people. If you make a mistake, you get an unforgiving error with language that doesn't make sense to most," said David Ulevitch, CEO of OpenDNS. "OpenDNS shortcuts are designed to make the address bar usable again. Our shortcuts give you control over how the address bar behaves."

Unlike Web browser "Bookmarks" or "Favorites," OpenDNS shortcuts work consistently across all Web browsers, allowing people to consolidate all of their most commonly visited or hard-to-remember Web sites in one location, without overcrowding the space around their address bar. OpenDNS shortcuts are easily managed inside a free OpenDNS account and can be updated at any time.

"Since we made our service available last year, OpenDNS has continually built upon our safer, faster, smarter and more reliable mantra. We've brought our customers invaluable features such as phishing protection, faster Web page loading, typo correction and zero downtime," continued Ulevitch. "The new OpenDNS shortcuts were the obvious next step for us and will make the overall Internet experience better than it's ever been."

OpenDNS shortcuts are available to anyone after April 23, 2007, by simply setting up a free OpenDNS account.

OpenDNS makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Based in San Francisco, the company operates a large distributed network that powers a new kind of recursive DNS (Domain Name System) service that provides all Internet users increased security, reliability and performance. OpenDNS is thoroughly committed to building and operating the best DNS platform in the world and to improving the Internet. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit:

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