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dotWORLDS to Launch New Free Multi-Video Global Conferencing Center for Personal Computers


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 03, 2007

dotWORLDS will soon be launching its Brand New Multi-Video Global Conferencing Center which will be made available completely free to all members, users and visitors worldwide. The new dotWORLDS IM Center will allow up to 4 people to see and speak to each other at the same time.

In addition, new patented technology is being incorporated to keep interaction between users clearer than previously possible. For anyone who thinks they might be interested in helping dotWORLDS Beta Test this new product, please contact them via their website To apply, click the "Beta Testing" link on the left hand side of the screen.

For those looking to incorporate their dotWORLDS email account into Outlook Express or other mail client, this option will soon be available and will be free too. dotWORLDS will shortly be announcing the launch date for this particular upgrade to help make life even easier.

dotWORLDS free backup and storage options have proved extremely popular as more and more users are storing their data on line. Registrations of domain names and email addresses are also moving up and are now at an all time high. So, for those looking out for the most original names the advice is - register now - before someone else gets it ... Remember, there is No Cost for domains and emails at

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