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OpenDNS Customers Now Able to Block Specific Domains


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 14, 2007

Award-winning DNS provider OpenDNS announced it is giving even more network control to its customers by letting them block specific domains through their OpenDNS account. Don't want employees to visit social networking sites while at work? Simply add the Web sites to your list of blocked domains. Managers, network administrators and parents now have even more power to customize the Internet experience for everyone on their network, providing them a higher level of safety and maximizing productivity. OpenDNS is the world's largest, fastest-growing DNS service.

Unlike pricey advanced-functionality routers and other network devices that offer domain blocking for a steep fee, OpenDNS is entirely free to use. The new feature is in direct response to countless customer requests and supports OpenDNS' mantra of continuously improving the Internet for its hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

"Domain blocking at the DNS level, for free no less, is an excellent feature that network admins will find invaluable," said Nils Lorvick, Network Engineer for St. Paul Radiology. "This will provide an extra level of protection for anyone trying to circumvent our content filter. It's great to see OpenDNS continually adding features that network admins can use in the real world!"

"Simply put, we strive to give OpenDNS customers the features and functionality they want. Customers absolutely come first," said David Ulevitch, CEO of OpenDNS. "Domain blocking has been requested over and over again by both network admins and parents. There is a lot of content on the Internet that people want to restrict access to, while maintaining access to the good content. OpenDNS domain blocking is the perfect tool to achieve that balance."

OpenDNS domain blocking is entirely free to use and requires only an OpenDNS account. The new functionality will be available on Monday, May 14.

OpenDNS makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Based in San Francisco, the company operates a large distributed network that powers a new kind of recursive DNS (Domain Name System) service that provides all Internet users increased security, reliability and performance. OpenDNS is thoroughly committed to building and operating the best DNS platform in the world and to improving the Internet. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit:

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