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Free Rider Web Hosting Offers Discount for Private Domain Registrations


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 21, 2007

Free Rider Web Hosting has announced that customers can now purchase its Private Registration service at the special rate of $1.95 per domain per year until May 31. Private Registration, which normally retails for $8.95, allows customers to register their domains in the name of Domains By Proxy, a third party company that specializes in Private Registrations. Domains By Proxy's information will be displayed when someone searches for information about the domain, meaning that the customer's details are kept private.

The customer still retains full rights over their domain, such as the ability to sell, transfer and cancel the domain. The Private Registration fee does not include the cost of registering the domain.

"There is a lot of debate happening at the moment around the topic of privacy," said Simon Drain, CEO of Free Rider Web Hosting. "On the one hand, people should be able to exercise freedom of speech on the Internet, and may feel more comfortable if their details were kept private. Other people may be concerned about receiving spam or advertising material, or even identity theft, and want to keep their details private to prevent this. On the other hand, some people use the Internet for objectionable purposes such as posting defamatory or threatening material, and it is helpful to know the details of those people for legal purposes."

Free Rider Web Hosting has tried to take a fair approach to this. The Private Registration service is available to customers as long as the domain is not used to transmit spam, violate the law, or engage in morally objectionable activities.

"We expect that this service will be popular, especially as the media is now publishing more stories about the Internet, and people become more knowledgeable," said Simon Drain. "I expect that more of our customers will become cautious about publishing their personal information in the future."

For more information about Private Registrations, visit

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