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DNSWorld Conference to Be Held in Cancun Mexico


By Derek Iwasiuk
June 20, 2007

DNS World, the premiere conference on Internet Domain Name Service will set the stage for a new era in DNS, Internet domains, and IP addressing on October 10 - 12, 2007.

Rolling out a multiple track event with over 50 special sessions and presentations, workshops and tutorials, featuring the World's top technical guru's, the DNS World conference premieres an impressive agenda of expertise. Spearheading new solutions in security, deployment, availability and integrity, the conference will be the networking work-floor for new initiatives, new relationships and new knowledge. This event is for the system and network administrators of large companies, Telecom and Datacom networks, network operators and service providers, responsible for coordinating, supervising and managing domain name service.
The conference' primary focus is on technology, authority and survivability.

The domain name service is one of the pillars of the Internet's foundation.
It provides the translation from numbers (IP addresses) into domain names (.com, .net, etc.) vice versa. The Internet's root-servers feed and maintain this massive electronic phone book service. The program's chair, dr. Jack Fisher: "There comes an end to everything. Sometime in the year 2010 there are no more IPv4 addresses available. Workgroups started on a new design, IPv6, which will allow for a much larger usage. This move involves a giant planning, for software makers, for hardware manufacturers, for service providers, and anybody in between." He continues: "What is the role of the domain registrar, his responsibility, and how is the network provisioning community interacting? Are we all on the same page?" "And then, who hasn't heard of spam, denial of service attacks, rogue bot-nets, network hijacking, problems with root-servers, and the likes. Serious security issues of the first order. A combination of current and new technologies can and will be deployed to secure the future of the Internet."

Register before July 15, 2007 at the early bird registration fee of $965 and save $250 over the standard admission.



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